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Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of Warrior Wrestling 6, streaming are living on the excessive Spots Wrestling community. latest experience takes location at the Marian Catholic high college in Chicago Illinois, and contours our very own Nick Hausman on commentary. suppose free to observe along, and hold forth within the comments under.

preserving refreshing for the freshest consequences.

The Warrior Wrestling intro tune and video is played, which shows off highlights all through the advertising's background. After

wealthy Bocchini and Nick Hausman welcome us to the display. Templario makes his solution to the ring for our opening Lucha Libre contest. Soberano Jr. is out subsequent, and this one is underway.

Soberano Jr. versus Templario

They shake hands before they tie-up. each men alternate waistlocks...Soberano takes Templario down with a headscissor. Templario responds with an arm-drag. tempo picks up...consistent counters and takedowns. Double-dropkick and staredown. Reset. Soberano makes use of the ropes to hit an arm-drag, which sends Templario to ringside. Tope attempt...Templario catches Soberano and powerbombs him off the apron. again within the ring...Templario nails a pop-up kick...Soberano counters a maneuver off the ropes and retakes handle with a code pink. Crowd hot for this opener. Superkick via Templario. He climbs...missile dropkick connects. Soberano rolls to the outdoor...Templario continues the pressure on with a cartwheel plancha! He receives Soberano returned inner and climbs to the appropriate once more...Soberano crotch drops him. Enziguri via Soberano. He receives a operating megastar...precise rope frankensteiner for a nearfall. both guys down.

Soberano sends Templario to ringside again, then follows up with a fosbury flop. Loud lucha chants from the Chicago crowd. Soberano to the good...he receives the crowd pumped...twister crossbody lands! cowl...only two. Soberano tries an extra code purple...this time Templario muscle groups Soberano over and places a knee in his face. Soberano quickly recovers and gets to the suitable once again...flying fameasser. Templario receives a shoulder up. backward and forward corner lariats...Soberano wins the change with a corner dropkick. His leg is bothering him...he attempts a different desirable rope frankensteiner however Templario turns it into a sit-out powerbomb. a further two count number. Templario trapped within the ropes...moonsault from the top via Soberano. Templario solutions with yet another pop-up powerbomb...Soberano refuses to reside down. He picks up the win with a sequence of piledrivers.

Soberano Jr. wins by pinfall

submit in shape Templario and Soberano Jr. share a hug. before they can depart Chicago's personal Gringo Loco makes his technique to the ring. Crowd gives him a pleasant ovation. He receives on the microphone and tells the enthusiasts to give one other circular of applause to 2 of CMLL's ideal. He blindly assaults each guys with their backs turned. Sam Adonis runs out to confront Loco however finally ends up joining in on the beatdown of Soberano Jr. and Templario. Loco even makes use of a metal chair. Adonis picks up the microphone and berates Warrior Wrestling for bringing in foreign stars when he and Loco have offered tickets all over the place the world. He takes a shot at the metropolis of Chicago...Brian Pillman Jr. and Wardlow interrupt to run Adonis and Loco off. Pillman Jr. screams at Loco that he may still be ashamed for wearing the American Flag shades. Soberano Jr. then curses Loco and Adonis earlier than eventually exiting.

Ring announcer tells us that these four men are about to conflict. After introductions, we are ready to go.

Brian Pillman Jr./Wardlow versus Sam Adonis/Gringo Loco

Pillman Jr and Adonis begin. Shove from side to side. Adonis says he wants Wardlow. Pillman tags him in. Adonis performs complicated however then tags in Loco. Loco connects with a spin kick. It has little effect. Wardlow shows off his athleticism...then rocks Loco with a shoulder bump. Leg kick from Loco...he flips to the corner...Wardlow charges him to hit a stinger splash. Superkick and returned suplex in succession by using Wardlow. Loco directly flees to his nook to tag again in Adonis. Adonis bravely comes in and nails a few appropriate arms...Wardlow retakes handle...Pillman comes in with a dropkick. battle spills to the outside, the place Adonis sends Pillman into the steel barricade. Pillman responds with some stiff chops earlier than Adonis sends him back to the internal. Double chop via Adonis, adopted by means of a tough Irish Whip. Pillman shakes it off...Michinoku driver for a nearfall.

Double-vertical suplex from Pillman and Wardlow onto Adonis. Wardlow goes for the cowl...Adonis escapes. quick tags from Pillman and Wardlow preserve Adonis grounded. Adonis manages to tag in Loco...tandem offense onto Pillman. Basement dropkick through Loco. He picks Pillman up...snap-suplex. He climbs...cut up legged moonsault with pin...Pillman out at two. Adonis lower back in...he applies a headlock. Pillman gets decapitated with a again elbow from Adonis. Powerslam. Loco back in. Handspring lariat. Crowd tries to rally Pillman again into the in shape. in the meantime Adonis connects with a huge slam. Pillman bounces off the ropes...he and Adonis collide with crossbodies. They each tag out.

Wardlow is available in sizzling with clotheslines. He picks up Loco within the electric chair...Pillman to the right...doomsday equipment! Wardlow gets dumped to the outside. He and Loco begin brawling. Adonis has Pillman on the appropriate for a superplex...blocked...Pillman pushes Adonis off and lands a standing splash. Adonis kicks out on the pinfall. short roll-united states of americathrough Pillman however Adonis gets out of each one. He pushes Pillman off a lower back-roll into the ropes where Loco hits Pillman in the face with a chair. Adonis makes the pin, and that'll do it.

Sam Adonis/Gringo Loco win through pinfall

Commentary reminds us that Wardlow became announced as AEW's most recent signing finally nighttime's ALL OUT pay per view. Our subsequent healthy will characteristic greater lucha action.

Atlantis is out first, followed by using Ultimo Guerrero, and Caristico.

Atlantis versus Ultimo Guerrero versus Caristico

Atlantis goes to the apron and lets Guerrero and Caristico tangle first. Chain wrestling to beginning. Knuckle-lock...Guerrero takes Caristico down and applies a modified ankle-lock. He lets him out. tempo picks up...Caristico stuns Guerrero with a back-flip, then sends him to the outdoor with a headscissor. Atlantis jumps in however Caristico sends him out as smartly. Springboard frankensteiner via Caristico onto Guerrero on the backyard. The three guys reset...Atlantis snapmares Caristico to the mat. He goes after Caristico's leg. Half-crab is locked in. Guerrero breaks the submission. Atlantis and Guerrero change roll-ups...Guerrero gets throw out once more. Caristico and Atlantis collide...Caristico rips Atlantis' mask but Guerrero jumps back in. He nails Caristico with a 2nd rope gordbuster. two. Guerrero again to the accurate...he baits Caristico to fulfill him up there, then slams him with a exact rope powerbomb. Atlantis improving on the apron...Caristico regains handle with a top rope twisting frankensteiner. Atlantis sneaks in for a pin...Caristico escapes and sends him back to the backyard. Spinning armbar through Caristico applied...Guerrero faucets.

Caristico wins with the aid of submission

The luchadores exhibit each different outstanding recognize...Sam Adonis and Gringo Loco are returned out and assault them! Soberano Jr. and Templario come out and the CMLL stars region a beating on Adonis and Loco for all their shenanigans all the way through the nighttime. Caristico and Atlantis throw Loco into the barricade, then hang his legs open so Caristico can hit a dropkick to his groin. Bocchini says they get what they deserve, while Hausman calls the actions of the luchadores unprofessional. This ends the phase.

next bout is announced as a singles-contest. Former MLW champion "Filthy" Tom Lawlor is out for his matchup with Killer Kross, who is out second.

Killer Kross versus Tom Lawlor

Lawlor and Kross shake arms earlier than they delivery. Lawlor goes for a takedown but Kross has it scouted. both guys sing their own praises their floor wrestling skill. Lawlor attempts an armbar...Kross blocks...he transitions into an ankle-dangle. Lawlor right now counters the pressure to follow a submission...Kross receives to the ropes to wreck it. Kross lands the primary strikes of the match...Lawlor geese a lariat...spinning heel kick, adopted via a Samoan drop. Lawlor goes for a sharpshooter...he turns it right into a modified cloverleaf. Lawlor offers a great quantity of harm to Kross' legs, but Kross makes it to the ropes once again. Lawlor presents Kross one other handshake...he would not take it this time. Lawlor traps Kross within the nook...he unloads a vicious combo. Kross stops Lawlor...he sends him flying throughout the ring with an exploder suplex. Snap-suplex from Kross with pin...two count number. Kross goes appropriate for an armbar...Lawlor blocks it this time...he gets to his toes and positive factors half-guard Kross is in predicament and getting armbar'd. cling is broken...Kross angrily prices but Lawlor hits an exploder suplex. Kross pops correct lower back up...lariat.

Kross grounds Lawlor and applies the ankle-lock. Lawlor tries to crawl to the ropes...Kross pulls him again to the core. Lawlor flips to his again and connects with some up-kick however Kross stomps Lawlor in the chest. Lawlor fires again with an aircraft spin/DVD combo. Lawlor can not make the cowl. an additional flurry of strikes with the aid of Lawlor...Kross drops him with one chop. Lawlor bounces up...German suplex. Rear-bare choke by using Lawlor! Kross is in obstacle. Referee tests the arm. Kross with a surge of adrenaline...belly to lower back suplex! an extra one. cover...looks like he got him but the ref says Lawlor kicked out. Lawlor with a triangle out of nowhere...Kross deadlifts him...powerbomb. Now or not it's over.

Killer Kross wins through pinfall

Lawlor and Kross bow to every other post healthy. best ovation for each guys. We go right into our next matchup. Alex Zayne makes his method to the ring. Commentary tells us that he turned into a former backyard wrestler who these days lower back to the impartial scene. He'll be scuffling with NJPW's Lance Archer. Archer walks to the ring and punches a couple of of the security officers within the entrance row.

Lance Archer versus Alex Zayne

backward and forward impressive...Archer destroys Zayne with a standing lariat. He picks Zayn up...brief-armed lariat. He clubs Zayn in the lower back and goes for a chokeslam...Zayn gets into frankensteiner place however Archer blocks it...he goes to powerbomb him over the top however Zayn shifts his weight and sends Archer to ringside. Tope con hilo connects! again in the ring...Zayn bounces off the ropes but Archer with a little misdirection...massive shoulder block sends Zayn flying. Archer lights up Zayn's chest with chops. Zayn fires off a couple of of his personal...they haven't any effect. Heavy elbow from Archer drops Zayn again. He softens Zayn up for the EBD claw. Archer scoffs Zayn and goes to the corner for a charging attack...Zayn surprises Archer with a pump knee. Archer is up first...Zayn lays into Archer however the massive man stages him with a forearm. Zayn manages to get Archer off his ft. Springboard knees, adopted through a standing capturing star with pin...Archer kicks out with no trouble.

Zayn hits an enziguri that sends Archer to the nook. operating elbow however Archer uranagis him to the mat. Archer units Zayn up on the right...superplex effort...Zayn pretty blocks it and pushes Archer off...he is in position on the appropriate...taking pictures famous person double-knee! cover...two count number. Zayn goes for an arm-ringer...Archer with the EBD claw out of nowhere however Zayn maintains it held away...German suplex to Archer. Zayn climbs...Archer meets him up there with a operating knee. Archer has Zayn on his shoulders...armed forces press off the center-rope. Chokeslam from Archer. Lazy cover...Zayn crucifix pins him...two. Archer has the healthy received with a big slam but he pulls Zayn up to observe the EBD claw. cover...or not it's over.

Lance Archer wins by way of pinfall

Archer maintains the EBD claw utilized for slightly however at last lets go. He and Zayn depart, and the next opponents prepare to return out. Alex Shelley is out first. He'll be facing...Austin Aries, who is accompanied through UFC hall of Famer Frank Mir.

Alex Shelley versus Austin Aries

Shelley presents a handshake...Aries hesitates but does shake. Tie-up. Aries right away brings Shelley down. Shelley turns it round with a wristlock. Neither man can gain an early knowledge and they separate and reset. fanatics evenly cut up for this one. backward and forward chain wrestling...Aries locks in the closing Chancery submission...Shelley instantly gets to the ropes to ruin the grasp. He slides to the outdoor to regroup. Shelley comes returned in very pleasant...he kisses Aries' ft, and offers an additional handshake...Shelley sneakily locks in an armbar. Now Aries receives to the ropes. intensity picks up...Shelley nails the Randy Savage properly rope axe-handle. He traps Aries in the tree-of-woe...basement dropkick to the face. another. Aries tries dumping Shelley to the outside however Shelley stays on the apron. Stun gun, followed with the aid of a springboard splash. Shelley goes for sliced bread...Aries sends Shelley into the turnbuckles to take manage. operating corner elbow, snapmare, stomp to the eye, and middle-rope elbow for a nearfall.

Aries to the apron...he and Shelley alternate suplex makes an attempt...they both turn out to be on the apron. Shelley tries for sliced bread again however once again Aries pushes Shelley off, this time into the ringpost. Neckbreaker from Aries. He climbs...missile dropkick connects. Aries with a pinfall effort...just a two. Aries goes for a brainbuster however Shelley counters with an armbar...get away. wonderful rib-breaker through Aries. He goes for the brainbuster once more...Shelley switches and goes for sliced bread...blocked...superkick by means of Shelley. A second. a third. Sliced bread lands! cowl...Aries kicks out however Shelley instantly applies the armbar. He escapes. Aries to his ft...jumping guillotine. Shelley passes out. The ref calls for the bell.

Austin Aries wins by means of referee stoppage

publish in shape Aries grabs a microphone. He says that 15 years in the past he and Shelley faced every different and changed the landscape of knowledgeable wrestling. "Now we're all historical and sh*t," jokes Aries. Aries commends Shelley for coming again to the seasoned-wrestling company. Aries then tells Shelley that if he ever needs a associate, he has his again. Shelley thanks Aries, then thanks the fanatics for his or her under no circumstances-ending support. He says 365 days ago he turned into going to stop, but that seasoned-wresting is probably the most addictive drug he's ever skilled. He makes a take care of the crowd: He'll stop wrestling when he can no longer work to the typical set with the aid of the spectacular wrestling fanatics. He tells them to help older guys like he and Aries, however additionally help the subsequent technology. "thank you...i like you." Shelley exits.

A 20-minute intermission is introduced.

again from spoil...the AAA tag team champion Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix) make their method out. they are set to battle have an impact on stars Daga and Tessa Blanchard, who're out 2d.

Lucha Bros versus Tessa Blanchard/Daga

Crowd is the loudest they have been all evening. Pentagon and Daga begin. Pentagon shouts Spanish obscenities at Blanchard on the apron. Angrily she tags in and faces Pentagon nose to nose. Pentagon removes his glove to the pride of the gang and throws it to the ref. Fenix jumps in...SUPERKICK TO BLANCHARD. Daga superkicks Pentagon. Now the action picks up. Pentagon nails Blanchard with one other superkick. Lucha Bros double-group Daga. They go for stereo superkicks...Blanchard jumps in to give protection to him...they both get superkicked. Daga hit Pentagon with a roundhouse, while Blanchard surprises Fenix with a leaping cutter. Lungblower/codebreaker combo from Daga and Blanchard. Fenix gets trapped in the more codebreaker via Blanchard. Pentagon breaks up the pin with a further superkick. Daga sends him to the outside...tope con hilo connects.

Fenix and Blanchard are by myself within the ring. Blanchard lands a forearm. another. a third. Fenix blocks the fourth and slaps Blanchard in the chest. Blanchard off the ropes...satellite tv for pc tornado DDT from Blanchard! two. She goes to the top for magnum...Fenix dodges and hits a thrust kick. running sit down-out powerbomb from Fenix. Pentagon climbs whereas Fenix holds Blanchard's legs out..WAZZZZUPPPP stomp. They go for the equipment piledriver/stomp...they nail it. Blanchard can't kick out.

Lucha Bros win by using pinfall

while the Lucha Bros have a good time, Daga attends to Blanchard who is gradual to rise up following the string of offense she took through Pentagon and Fenix. massive ovation for Blanchard once she gets up.

Frank the Clown is welcomed to the ring. someone comes out cosplaying as Cactus Jack. a different man is out as Dude Love, followed via a Mankind seem-a-like. Frank the Clown at last emerges, with all three Mick Foley impersonators bowing right down to him on the correct of the entrance route. He makes his method to the ring and grabs a microphone. "bring Mick Foley's historical battered ass out right here at this time," screams the clown. Foley seems to a loud pop. He incorporates a duffel bag with him. Frank says that he's idolized Foley because he became a baby earlier than transitioning into relationship the love of his lifestyles...Foley's daughter. He says that Foley isn't any longer Cactus Jack, Dude Love, or Mankind...he's simply his girlfriend's dad. "How does it feel to understand that after you fell off the Hell in a cell...all that cash goes to head to Frank the Clown." Frank eliminates his jacket to show that his complete outfit is photographs of Noelle (Foley's daughter). Crowd is chanting for Foley to **** Frank up. "You might be Noelle's father...but she calls me daddy now."

Foley has heard adequate. He reveals Mr. Socko! Mandible Claw utilized! Frank is out. Foley grabs the microphone, saying that Frank turned into incorrect in pondering that he wouldn't harm him. He pulls out a pair of tongs and grabs him by means of the balls. Frank is screaming in ache. fanatics are consuming this up. Foley splits Frank's legs...leg-drop! He goes again into his returned of toys...he pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and places it over his more leg drop! Foley reveals a gas can. He dumps fuel onto Frank and grabs a lighter! several students soar into the ring from the high school to stop Foley from committing murder. Foley says that he is seen this earlier than...and he'll run via each student if he has to. He finally talks them into letting him do it however the Foley cosplayers pull Frank out before he can do it. Foley promises the gang that the next two fits are going to tear the condo down, as a result of it's what Warrior Wrestling is all about.

subsequent bout is a singles contest between Andrew Everett and Dragon Lee.

Andrew Everett versus Dragon Lee

A wild from side to side affair that moved at a beautiful pace. both guys scouted the different very smartly, however within the end...Lee picked up the win by using pinfall.

Dragon Lee wins through pinfall

main experience time. Michael Elgin is out first. The Warrior champion Brian Cage is out 2nd. Introductions are over. here we go.

Brian Cage versus Michael Elgin No DQ for the Warrior Wrestling Championship

Tie-up. Neither man can gain the abilities. energy of each these guys are about the identical. test of electricity...Cage forces Elgin down...kick to Cage's gut. Elgin off the ropes...shoulder block however no one moves. a different. from side to side they go. a further kick from Elgin...Cage responds with a superkick. operating elbow and enziguri. Suplex blocked by using Elgin. He smashes Elgin with a large chop. Cage solutions with a headscissors that sends Elgin to ringside. Suicide dive attempt...Elgin meets him at the ropes with a appropriate hand, then rocks Cage with a dropkick to the pinnacle. Clubbing blows from Elgin. battle spills to the outdoor. Uppercuts from Cage. Elgin catches a pump kick and nails Cage with a superkick. He reaches under for a trash can...Cage comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide knocking the trash can into Elgin.

Cage smashes a trash can lid off of Elgin's head. Elgin receives a hold of the lid and lands his personal shot. Trash can thrown inside...Elgin uses it and goes for a canopy...Cage powers out of the pin. back and forth marvelous...Elgin attemps the suplex this time...they tease suplexes back and forth. Pump kick connects by Elgin however Cage at once hits the suplex. He can not make the cover, which commentary facets out. operating elbows by using the champ...Elgin off the ropes...spinebuster for a nearfall. Cage misses a trash can Cage ducks...superkick and DVD combo. Elgin kicks out. He goes for a powerbomb...Elgin picks the foot...basement forearm and deadlift German pretty much wins it for Elgin. He lays into Cage with operating corner lariats. He sets up for a superplex...Cage slips out and traps his head...superkick. Elgin with a further German however Cage bounces appropriate up. German suplex. Neither man will reside down! Double lariat. Ref starts the count for a double-knockout...he receives to seven...they are up.

back and forth excellent...massive haymakers from both men. Combo from Cage sends Elgin to the nook. Enziguri from Elgin. He goes for an Elgin bomb...Cage counters...buckle bomb. He goes for a Lucha Destroyer...Elgin counters with a Canadian Destroyer for two. Discus lariat attempt...Elgin catches the strike and hits a Dragon Suplex. big lariat attempt...Cage catches Elgin with a pop-up powerbomb. He rolls him up...knee strike. Lucha Destroyer. Elgin kicks out! Cage pulls a desk from the outdoor. He sets it up in the ring and puts Elgin on the right ropes. a further superplex effort...Elgin headbutts him off however Cage connects with an enziguri. He goes for a frankensteiner...Elgin turns it right into a powerbomb throughout the table! cowl...Cage simply kicks out. Torture rack that Cage escapes from...Drill Claw. Champ retains.

Brian Cage wins through pinfall to retain the Warrior Wrestling Championship

submit healthy, Cage says he can not be stopped. He calls out Sami Callihan and guarantees to give The Draw his Warrior Wrestling title shot actual soon.

this is the demonstrate friends.

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