High Quality Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

High Quality Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bit


Specification of this High Quality Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

Distinguish the quality and quality of nail polishing heads

1: grinding head handle distinction
Check if the bottom end of the grinding head handle has rounded corners, and if the bottom is smooth, if there are cutting marks, it means that the work is very rough, and it will damage the grinding machine handle (affecting the handle life)

2: Concentricity and beat detection of the grinding head
Place the grinding head on a smooth table and gently roll it to see if the handle jumps up and down. There is no change in the quality of the shank of the grinding head, but the inferior grinding head can see that the shank jumps up and down very much. When used, the big grinding head will obviously feel the beating (the grinding head is big, the guests are also Will feel uncomfortable, all based on the comfort of the guests)

3: Direction of rotation of the grinding head
The right hand is gently rotated with the handle of the grinding head, and the left hand uses the thumb and forefinger to feel the gear portion of the grinding head. If you rotate forward and rotate backwards, it means that this can only be polished in one direction, and it can't be polished back and forth. If it is smooth in two directions, then this is a grinding head that can be polished back and forth.

4: Difference in the tooth profile of the grinding head
Take a straight flat head gear (C tooth), look at the top (from top to bottom), see if the gears of the grinding head have the same spacing, whether the gear shape is a raised equilateral triangle, if the tooth shape It's just a raised triangle with a U-radius, which means that this grinding head is just an industrial grinding head that is not suitable for nail art. If the industrial grinding head is used for nail art, it may produce hot, stuck, etc. (The market is grinding thousands of dollars, quality choice is the key)

5: How to choose the right nail grinding head
The grinding heads used in the industry can clearly see that the gears are in a diamond-shaped structure from the side, and the grinding heads that are actually used for the nails clearly see a three-dimensional gear projection, and the grooves are also clearly visible.

Parameters of this High Quality Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

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ceramic nail drill bit

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