Nail Drill

Can be used for nail care, repair, base treatment, gel repair/nail removal,gel nail varnish uv lamp finishing. Using steel after push will dead skin cutin, push up,Convenient to carry nail drill select the state of the skin and nails is most suitable for grinding head remove residual under a dead skin cutin clean after bubble water to soften the dead skin,professional electric nail drill minus the dead skin,quick UV led nail lamp choice corresponds to the state of finger skin area of grinding head, is can adjust the speed, nail dust collector machine recommend beginners can from low speed, start practicing with his own hand,65W Electric nail drill uv gel nail dryer lamps slowly feel the speed of the grinding machine and strength.nail drill on natural nails Grinding the hardened cutin around the nail; Push the dead skin from both sides to the nail inward with the special grinding machine,mini electric nail drill pay attention to the appropriate strength, and push up the dead cutin under the skin,Portable Electric nail drill which is convenient for our use and safe and sanitary


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