Nail Lamp

nail drill on natural nails After the nail lamp is connected to the power supply gel nail varnish uv lamp,turn the switch to position nail dust collector machine. mini electric nail drill Is used to bake uv phototherapy gel,gel is resin phototherapy,quick UV led nail lamp belong to liquid gel,60W new strong nail dust collector in before exposure to uv oven lamp is not frozen, uv gel nail dryer lamps when after the uv lamp of ultraviolet irradiation hardening will gel plug in power socket,Professional Nail Dust Collector turn the switch to the position of the I time is 120 seconds,led nail lamp turn the switch to the position of the ll is normally on, turn the switch to the zero position is closed. Put your hands in it and set the time accordingly. When the time comes,Mini usb battery led nail lamp the lights will go out automatically.Portable salon nail lamp When changing the tube or cleaning, just pull the bottom out.UV nail oil lamp The light of nail lamp belongs to long wave ultraviolet ray, won't produce serious harm to the skin commonly,Nail Gel Curing Light this kind of glue can solidify below ultraviolet ray illuminate, achieve finalize the design result thereby.


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