Sun Smart K1

New strong nail dust collector suction dust cleaner retractable elbow design fan nail vacuum cleaner manicure vacuum cleaner.


Specification of this Sun Smart K1
New strong nail dust collector suction dust cleaner retractable elbow design fan nail vacuum cleaner manicure vacuum cleaner.Professional high-quality materials: Nail vacuum cleaners are mainly made of high-quality ABS plastic material, which has high strength, small deformation and is very durable. And with a touch sensor design, the operation is easier.Replaceable filter: This filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly. Use a soft brush such as a dust brush for surface cleaning or a blower (cold air) to blow the back of the filter. (Note: the filter should not be cleaned with water and detergent). If the frequency of use is high, it can be used for 3-4 months.Retractable straw with LED light: The nail cleaner has a retractable straw and 3 LED lights on the nozzle to help you see your nails carefully and clearly, designed to increase your productivity. Telescopic straws can be bent in any range according to your needs.Nail vacuum cleaner for nail dust collection in nail polishing. In the process of direct sanding, if there is no dust collector, the dust of the nail will be scattered everywhere, affecting the air environment and people's mood. This nail cleaner keeps the work table clean and tidy, making it a truly dust-free environment.

Sun Smart K1.Powerful vacuum: Powerful, high speed but low noise fans. Other nail filters have a vacuum effect of 70-80%, and dust will fly out. But this vacuum cleaner has no dust and leakage, plus 60w high wind power and strong suction, it has super cleaning ability, so that you can keep your desk clean and tidy while working efficiently. • One machine for dual use: Retractable nail powder can be absorbed by telescopic straw You can also use square mesh to absorb nail powder directly. There are 3 vents, which will not be hot for a long time.Suitable for family and professional use: the essentials of the nail salon, allowing customers to enjoy better service and bring a more professional and higher-end atmosphere to the nail salon. Also suitable for jewelry engraving / cutting seals / polishing / crafts and people who enjoy nail DIY at home.
Parameters of this Sun Smart K1

Net Weight




new strong nail dust collector suction dust cleaner retractable elbow design fan nail vacuum cleaner manicure vacuum cleaner

Gross weight


Input voltage

100-240V, 50/60Hz

Item Size



Suction Dust Collector

Box Size


CTN Size



ABS Plastic





Total gross weight





1. Connect the power cord to the body and rails
2. Select the appropriate cover for each application. Please refer to the correct opening method.
3. Regarding the filter plate, if the suction is weak, clean or replace the new filter plate. If there is too much dust on the filter plate, a reverse flow will occur and the filter will be used. Because there is dust on the filter plate. Please gently remove it to avoid dust flying.
4. Open the LED method, first, press the position and then move up. Second, you need to turn off the machine before opening the lid. Third, pull up on the power cord and move it carefully to avoid damaging the connector.

Precautions for use:
1. Do not insert your fingers into the fan.
2. Be careful not to allow water to enter the machine.
3. The filter plate cannot be washed with water.
4. For unprofessionals, it is forbidden to disassemble the screws of the motor and rebuild or disassemble them, which may cause malfunction.
5. Stay away from children

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