Top-Rated SUNNAIL Nail Lamp High Power 80w Nail Lamp SUNX PLUS

Top-Rated SUNNAIL Nail Lamp,SUNNAIL Nail Lamp,High Power 80w Nail Lamp, 80w Nail Lamp SUNX PLUS,Top-Rated Nail Lamp

1)Fast drying:Top-Rated SUNNAIL Nail Lamp 42pcs led beads ,fast curing in 10s
2)4 timer to choose:10s 30s 60s 99s low heat
3)Removable Tray: High Power 80w Nail Lamp detachable for both manicure and pedicure curing
4)Double light source:365mm-405mm,80w Nail Lamp SUNX PLUS curing for all nail gel
5)gel nail varnish uv lamp Portable to carry
6)Large Space:SUNNAIL Nail Lamp fit for hand and feet

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